Established 1976
The WestEnd Jam Factory Summer Playscheme

Children who will be coming for the first time to the playscheme may come along with either their parents or guardians on the Saturday prior to the playscheme running to see what is available, have a chat and to help familiarise themselves as to what is where. usually everything is set up from around 12.00


On the first day, while registration is taking place, children new to the playscheme will be shown around by the young helpers.
After the registration has finished, everyone is collected together (all helpers and children), and a welcome is given by the chairperson who will give a resume of the rules and regulations, along with how the children will be grouped and go through the timetable for the week.

They will then explain how the fire drill will be organised, then ask the helpers to come forward when their name is announced if they are to lead a FIRE GROUP. The young helpers will then be asked to come forward who are attached to this helper, then the children grouped to the helper will be called. When the group is complete, they will then go outside to a pre-determined , marked, spot to await the rest of the groups. This spot will be the assembly point for that relevant group. Each fire group leader will have a list of all young helpers and children in their group(s) which must be kept with them at all times. Each young helper will have a list of children that they will be responsible for.

Sometime during the early part of the week, a practice fire drill will be performed.
First Aid

First Aid facilities are provided in the kitchen, any accident no matter how small must be entered into the accident book. This book is located in the First Aid box. There are several qualified First Aider's in attendance and/or a Nurse.
GROUPING of CHILDREN (colour/fire groups)

To group the children, reference to the previous years groupings will give a good start to the children who are attending again.
This will give a bases to group the remainder, taking into account their friends name which they have entered on the registration form.
Each of the colours are then sub-divided into fire groups. Each ADULT full time helper allocated several children, YOUNG full time helpers may then be allocated some children under the wing of an ADULT helper. These groups last throughout the week, so the children can then relate to one ADULT for any problems.
Each Fire group leader will have a list of all the children in their group, when a fire drill is called, the play leader will have the daily register with them to note any absentees,each coach leader (for use on the trip only) will also have a list of ALL names on their coach.